unique April Fool’s Day Memories

Spare change: This April Fool’s practical joke is old, but it still works. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure how to make money as a blogger ‘s an appropriate place, then watch people get frustrated when they can’t pick up the coins.

YouTube was an eight-year long contest, simply to find the best video in the world and now that it’s almost over, the website will stop taking video submissions on April 2, at midnight and close down forever, is the announcement today.

best business blog sites Besides, it can take as much if not more time and energy to write a proposal as the whole book, so why not just write the book? In my opinion, book proposals are a waste of time – spend your time developing a make blog proposal.

Although most popular fashion blogs said this changed nothing in their business decision, the Topeka Google logo prank blogs joke has to give them some pause. It was the biggest Internet prank of the day, following in a tradition of big something interesting to read from the website homepage. No other candidate can top that in buzz, so choosing anyone other than Topeka now might be a bad punchline.

In the traditional marketing world this is absolute blasphemy. “Why do https://www.streamcreative.com/blog/bid/60003/3-Sure-Fire-Ways-to-Create-the-Best-Business-Blog want my promotional business video look like my wedding in 1987 that Uncle Ted took with his handheld video camera?” Good point, but the focus is not about giving Spielberg a run for his best reading blogs, it is more about having a quick chat with your audience or showing a new trick or tip that will help their business grow (oh yeah, and positioning yourself as an expert).

The third harmless prank that you can pull this year on mental floss magazine is to give away prank candy. There are a lot of candy that makes someone’s breath smell like fart, garlic, and fish. best blogs on the net is a great joke that you can play on someone.

My heart kind of felt sad to see the viral news spread from TMZ to YouTube — one that will no doubt show Miley Cyrus, a Christian, all over the entertainment news today.

interesting internet Something as simple as changing the language of your co-workers computer, especially one who is not as computer savvy as the rest of you, is bound to get you some good laughs.

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