Blogging Income In 7 Hours Or Less

It all depends on how much time you put into it. The more you invest in your blog, building your readership and your reputation on the Internet, the more high-paying opportunities you can qualify for. best blog posting sites for big blogs pay up to $300 or more. For smaller blogs, you can expect about $10 per blog entry. top blogs to read is a pretty good rate of return, seeing as how it shouldn’t take you too long to type up such a blog entry. Try to put up one blog entry a day, and that amounts to $70 a week, or $280 a month. It might seem like small change, but it all adds up and its relatively easy.

Build relationship with %anchor_text%. Although you can just email these people to signal your intention of writing for their blog, I think it would be much better if you build relationship with them first. Visit their blogs on a regular basis, read their new posts, and make it a habit to leave intelligent comments every so often until they notice you. Join their polls and surveys. Talk to them as much as possible. Once you’ve become online buddies, you can express your interest in “guesting” on their blog. I’m sure they’ll find it hard to turn a good offer down especially if they know you as somebody who really know your niche and who can provide great content for their visitors.

Of course there’s one missing piece to the puzzle that you need in order to make it work for you, and that piece is traffic. You need lots and lots of fresh traffic coming to your mental floss com in order to make money from it.

top business blogs Not including your URL or website in your blog or article. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and I have seen it. Some bloggers write a quality post or article and forget to include their contact information. You need to have your website URL plastered into your posts or article. In from now, people may not remember what you wrote about but they may remember what website the post was generated from.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% I really love this quote from Fanny Burney, 18th century novelist and letter writer: “This perpetual round of constrained civilties to persons quite indifferent to us, is the most provoking and tiresome thing in the world…’ interesting web sites and unworthy way of spending our precious and irrecoverable time’! Think: how do you make money blogging -workers, and crappy bosses.

Poor quality of content on your blog is a direct reflection on you. Whether you write the articles, or hire somebody to do it, this is your blog. Your good fashion blogs will never get off the ground if it is full of content that nobody wants to read.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% In conclusion, the Google crawlers are no different than that stray cat. Feed them quality content often and they are certain to come back to reward you with results based on your contributions. Previous articles I wrote may help you jump start your blog and get over writers block, too.

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