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top 100 websites finance blogs Chinese total social logistics costs reached RMB 2.5 trillion in the first half of 2009, rising by 4.8% YOY. increased by 1.5% compared with Q1. It accounted for 18% of Chinese GDP, falling by 0.4% compared with 2008.

top 100 websites You know, Chinese people are learning English. So they are very eager to become friends with us who speak this language as the mother tongue. I think, this is a win-win situation! For us, we can get better and more native Chinese, and for those Chinese, they can learn English better as well. Why not do it?

Always provide fresh content on your blog. Write new content and make sure you provide up-to-date information. If you are maintaining a beauty and interesting web pages, make sure you also have updated information. People are always on the look on what is new online, so make sure that you also give them what they want.

Networking with others can open new opportunities that you may not think of. Just like in any business, it is an integral part that could lead to success.

Generally speaking, for a blog writer, the more traffic you have, the more popular your writing has become. This is especially important if you want to do anything beyond blogging about your daily life for the thrill of it. If you would like to step into the shoes of some of the most 10 best fashion blogs who are now making a career of inviting strangers into their own personal views, you will want to draw people to you.

AWeber is one of the most well known email marketing company that offers email broadcast, follow-up autoresponders and of course, RSS-to-email service. Price starts at $19 per month (if you are paying monthly and you can save more by paying quarterly or yearly). Unlike MailChimp, AWeber does not offer a free account. This is your best option if you are looking forward to monetize your blog now (or in the future) by getting some of the best features that competitive autoresponders has.

looking for fashion bloggers boils down to philosophy. , an esteemed top chinese blogs philosopher, tells us to be humble. hbs blog , a German philosopher, tells us to take calculated risks.

mental_floss most viewed blog sites For the Chinese beginners or those who are pupils in primary school, Chinese writing is definitely far away from them. And they always think that Chinese Writing is really hard. It is very difficult to put down your pen to write a few meaningful words. When you learn more, you will never feel like that.

mental floss magazine : Use Casting of your talent as part of the story. Hire (or borrow) a small theatrical venue for a few hours. Invite the journalist along to see some of the talent auditioning. Get some friends around so that the audition queue seems longer than it is, and take some stills of the busy audition room – allow them to interview some of those auditioning who are likely to be on your short-list. how to create a blog (through an ad in the local paper/ facebook/ twitter/onefatcigar) the audition to get more people along. Immediately your low budget film has budding actors clamoring to be in it, and the journalist has another angle to their story.

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