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So you need to get yourself alerted the moment they post. Do this by finding their RSS feed, and adding it to some form of desktop feed reader. AlertBear is a good (and free) choice.

Poor quality of content on your blog is a direct reflection on you. Whether you write the articles, or hire somebody to do it, this is your blog. Your some interesting blogs to read will never get off the ground if it is full of content that nobody wants to read.

Guest posting can be highly effective for a small business but you must aim in the right blogs. For instance lets say you’re a financial planner. Now there might be a heap of financial planning blogs out there which keep professionals up to date with the latest news and information in the industry. But there’s no point regularly posting in a financial planning blog if you want to generate leads. Instead, why not look for floss or top business blogs. Reason is that you will have a captive audience who are interested in financial planning.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% In order to make money blogging and look like a professional doing it, prospects will not accept bad grammar or massive spelling errors. I suggest writing your blog post, then letting it set for 24 hours, come back, read it again and you will easily find errors that were overlooked on the first reading.

Respond to reader comments promptly so the reader feels appreciated. You can set automatic notices to let you know when you receive a new comment. Also, leave comments on other best style blogs with a link back to your blog. Keep your comments respectful and valuable so other readers will more likely click on your link.

Be unique: don’t try to find the best eco-blog on the Web and imitate them move by move. The act tires after a while. Differentiate yourself by bringing unique insights to the world.

%anchor_text% %anchor_text% Every successful blogger follows the same process to make money, and you will be doing the exact same thing, if you decide to blog about your passion. It’s like building another McDonald’s on another busy corner. You will want to copy the exact blueprint if you want to succeed.

Create a strong foundation– Make sure your blog is set up correctly from the start. My advise is to use a wordpress blog, as all the %anchor_text% agree that it is the best service with all the features you are going to need.

If blogs for entrepreneurs blog for a living, you will be doing something that you may or may not like, but you will be your own boss. If can put in the same amount of time an energy blogging, as you would on some other job, you could potentially make double or triple the income of any degreed position, and also be your own boss.

As a owner of free web hosting, the company will not spend much on security issues. So the information on your blog can be hacked very easily and the data stored can be destroyed with very less efforts. The data on your free blog host is not safe. mental floss subscription as a user do not have control over the other resources on the server. At times, this leads to unprecedented technical problems arising due to host server limitations. free blog sites may have so heavy traffic that free blog host server is not capable of handling it, which leads to crashing of server.

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